Den kan vara allas

Den kan vara allas

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The First 2 Years

In the first 7 months of our film project, Den kan vara allas / It can be everyone’s, we met with and had conversations with 20 people.

From these we have produced 14 filmed conversations, a total of 125 minutes. We also produced a dozen shorts, excerpts and inspirations which we spread through social media.

In all, there have been about 25,000 viewings through,, and All the films have been freely available to everyone.

In June 2014, as planned, we shifted course and began production on a remake of our 1993 film “Östersjöar–En dikt av Tomas Tranströmer”, a film we made for the Nordic Poetry Festival in New York which honored the poet in 1993. (Also broadcast on Swedish Television in 1994). Our new Östersjöar was completed in January 2015. The poem – and film – provide both the title and the poetic foundation for our film about allemansrätten. As one of the short films put it:

Allemansrätten is not just a walk in the woods. It’s the walk of your life.

Now we will take a good hard look at what Sweden has accomplished, why President Obama called Sweden “an extraordinary leader when it comes to tackling climate change” and what we can learn. This film we call, Makes You Wonder…, and it will be ready for its U.S. release this August, just in time for the elections!

Both the extended conversations about allemansrätten, in Swedish and English, and Östersjöar, will now be available only as part of bonus packages for Makes You Wonder.

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