Den kan vara allas

Den kan vara allas

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“Ett sånt samhälle” – “Such a Society”

From a conversation with Allan Höglund at Glåpmosstorp in Surahammar. Allan is a “timber man ” – he builds log homes the old fashioned way. He has lived an outdoor life since childhood, taught and led young people out into nature with various organisations. In this excerpt, he kinda says it all.

Ur ett samtal med Allan Höglund på Glåpmosstorp i Surahammar. Allan är timmerman och vi träffades i en timmerstuga som han byggt med egna händer. Han har levt ett friluftsliv sedan barndomen, lärt och lett ungdomar ut i naturen under många år, med Friluftsfrämjandet, TVM, Friluftsungdomen och Argaladei.

allan kebnekaise


Jim’s notes:

Allan is a kind of big brother to Eva and I have known him many years. Allan is a major reason Eva took to the outdoors. Even to the top of Kebnekaise. Allan has a down to earth uncommon sense about allemansrätten, what it demands of each us for which in return we gain a freedom like no other. For many years he worked with immigrants to Sweden and they no doubt learned and benefited from his years of mentoring in the wilderness. Retired after many years work with people newly immigrated to Sweden, he turned to making timber houses by hand. 

We must return for another conversation about an old friend of his, Torvald Wermelin. The stories are priceless about this unique figure in Swedish outdoor life. Allan has even preserved old photos and audio recordings, a real treasure.