Den kan vara allas


I skogens djupa, stilla ro

I skogens djupa, stilla ro… Ute i naturen med KoLiMu….

“…and then there is nature, art and poetry. If this does not suffice, what would?”

Jim’s notes:
We wanted to test a new software Eva is working with, Studio Artist 4. A remarkable program by the developer who revolutionized digital audio and video editing in the 1990s. This program enables artists to paint in, on or under film, realtime or rotoscoping. We figured it would be a fitting effort to match up with the expression KoLiMu (short for Art/Literature/Music in Swedish) from the old Argaladei expedition experience. Here is nature at its simplest, a traditional nordic folk tune to which HC Anderson scribed words, thoughts by Vincent van Gogh in a letter to his brother Théo on one of his travels and with digital painting drawn from nature.