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Longwalks Productions

Longwalks Productions AB is a Swedish creative arts firm that works with film, poetry & music, visual arts, photography and creative services.

Eva and Jim Wine have worked together on more than 100 TV productions in the United States and Sweden, including the original  “Östersjöar–En dikt av Tomas Tranströmer” produced for the Nordic Poetry Festival in New York (Cooper Union, 1993) and subsequently broadcast on Swedish Television in 1994.

The origin of Longwalks dates back to 1990 and 2 PM poesia per musica the arts company founded in Virginia by Jim Wine and his twin brother Charlie at the urging of Leonard Bernstein to bring the creative arts to critical social issues of the day. Their productions on the death penalty and gun violence often led to immediate responses and action, winning numerous awards, notably the Grand Prize in Innovative Excellence from the American Video Awards (Los Angeles, 1994).

The Longwalks Production team includes Eva Wine, Sara Ersson, Paula Tranströmer and James Michael Wine.

About “Östersjöar” (1994)
“Östersjöar” är en mycket lyckad kombination av lyrik och film där de olika konstuttrycken går i varandra. Filmen blir ett poem och lyriken, själva texten, skapar bilder.
Carin Ståhlberg, Dagens Nyheter, 1994

About “Hands Without Guns”
Media campaign on youth gun violence in the United States. 1993-1998)
The most innovative public service campaign I have ever seen.
Al Gore, Vice President of the United States, 1998

About “Is Joe Giarratano Innocent?”
Media campaign that stopped the execution of Joe Giarratano (1991)
The artists got the people to speak up and that’s democracy.
Douglas Wilder, Governor of the State of Virginia, 1991