Den kan vara allas


Den kan vara allas – It can be everyone’s

Den kan vara allas / It can be everyone’s is a documentary film project that stems from the Swedish custom of allemansrätten – the right of everyone to access nature.

I have been fascinated by allemansrätten since the first time I experienced it some 40 years ago. For an American who’d grown up on three continents, I’d not experienced anything like it. It is one of those aspects of the human genius to be free and at the same time be mindful of others’ freedom and of nature.

We began by talking talk with people of all ages, all walks of life, Swedes and visitors alike. The aim was get a deeper and broader sense of the principles and practices of allemansrätten and how they speak to the most important issues of our time, from climate change to democracy. We asked three questions: What is allemansrätten? Why is it so significant? Will it survive?

The phrase, den kan vara allas, comes from Part IV of Östersjöar by Tomas Tranströmer and provides the poetic foundation for the film project.

After completing that film, we turn our attention to the next film on the remarkable achievement by the country of Sweden in tackling climate change – Makes You Wonder… – to be released next August, just in time for the American elections! What’s this have to do with allemansrätten? Well, wait and see!