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Östersjöar – The Film

About The Film

Thanks to all of you in 90 countries who have watched Östersjöar.

Now the film goes into the vault – available only as part of the bonus packages for our new film, “Makes You Wonder…”

The film is still available for educational, institutional and special screenings. See the menu to the right.

Östersjöar is a film of the poetic masterpiece of the 20th Century by Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer, the 2011 Nobel Laureate in Literature.

Östersjöar (Baltic Seas) takes place in the magical Stockholm archipelago and roams through island forests, along shores and across the sea, steered by spontaneous associations within an epic sweep of history – from the struggle against apartheid, repression under a totalitarian regime and the untold horror of the Holocaust. “The poem,” wrote the poet, “is geographical, historical, political and introspective. It contains authentic material. What sounds documentary in it is really documentary. What holds it all together is my personal voice, my tone of voice.”  The filmpoem is a triumphant expression of integrity, freedom and cultural diversity, diligently produced in close collaboration with the poet to preserve and extend its authenticity – timely and timeless.

A film by Eva Wine and James Wine of the poetic masterpiece by 2011 Nobel Laureate in Literature, Tomas Tranströmer. Filmed on location in “the wonderful labyrinth of islands and water.”  30 min. In Swedish. Closed Caption text in English and Swedish. Produced and financed by Longwalks Productions AB.