Den kan vara allas

Makes You Wonder…

“Sweden is obviously an extraordinary leader when it comes to tackling climate change and increasing energy  efficiency, and developing new technologies.  And the goal of achieving a carbon-neutral economy is remarkable, and Sweden is well on its way.  We deeply respect and admire that and think we can learn from it.”

President Barack Obama, Stockholm, September 4, 2013.

Why is Sweden “obviously an extraordinary leader when it comes to tackling climate change?”

First, the facts:

More than a 50% reduction in its CO2 emissions.
More 50% of its total energy is from renewable sources.
Nearly 100% of all its household waste is recycled – 52% re-used, 47.3% into energy.
Oh, and Sweden’s economy? Since 1970 GDP per capita matches the U.S. Since 1990 and the introduction of the carbon tax, the economy has grown 60%.
Sweden is already more than two-thirds of the way to its goal of being a fossil fuel free country.

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