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Östersjöar – The Film

Higher Education Package

filmcentrum_logo  Vänligen kontakta FilmCentrum för beställning inom Sverige.

Outside of Sweden

For Educational Institutions of Higher Learning (post-K-12) with a combination license in perpetuity (it’s your’s forever)*:

– The Institutional / Educational License includes Institutional and Public Performance Rights (PPR) for audiences of up to 75 people.

– The Digital Site License (DSL) allows academic libraries to encode, host and locally stream the licensed film over a secure single server with password protected connection to their users throughout a closed system.

There are 2 Editions:

EU Education Edition–€175 (199 USD) (requires a Purchase Order or please contact us below with VAT Registration Number)

World Education Edition–199 USD (outside of EU, without VAT) Available direct:

World Education Edition


ABOUT THE PPR AND DSL: A DSL + PPR license allows you to…

  • Include the film in your library
  • Host the film file on your digital server
  • Allow your users to watch the film via a private, password-protected network connection
  • Make the film available to students, staff and faculty members for the purposes of research, education, and any other non-commercial use
  • Hold a private, non-theatrical screening for up to 75 people
  • NB. This license does not allow you to charge for viewing or for screening admission, or to sublicense or duplicate the film in any way.