Den kan vara allas

Makes You Wonder… – The Film

“Sweden is obviously an extraordinary leader when it comes to tackling climate change and increasing energy  efficiency, and developing new technologies.  And the goal of achieving a carbon-neutral economy is remarkable, and Sweden is well on its way.  We deeply respect and admire that and think we can learn from it.” President Barack Obama, Stockholm, September 4, 2013. Why is[…]

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Thanks to all of you in 90 countries who have watched Östersjöar.

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  • What a splendid and moving thing. Congratulations.

    Robert Hass – Pulitzer Prize Poet, Poet Laureate of the United States (1995-1997), Berkeley
  • The film is just beautiful!   What a work for a great work …fitting!

    Joe Ross – Poet, Paris
  • It´s such a wonderful piece of Art. It presents such a great context for the reading of Baltics taking it to a different level for those of us who ignore the landscape…One of the great things about Tomas Tranströmer is that the reading of his poetry both compels and inspires one to write and/or reflect. I would even go as far as to say that it has the potential to transform one into a better person.

    Dr. Iván Iniesta – Consultant Neurologist, Palmerston North, New Zealand
  • An over-insistent filming, or one that violated the pace of the poem, would have ruined it:  as it is, your film enhances it.  The filming in itself is a thing of beauty–the light, the camera angles, the variation in pace, the quiet colors.

    Helen Vendler – A. Kingsley Porter University Professor of Literature at Harvard, Cambridge
  • So Wonderful !!!!!! Extraordinary Beauty. When the human mind and nature meet at the highest level. A product of extraordinary creativity, offering a true meditation experience.

    Göran Carstedt – Polymath and Global Business Leader (formerly with Volvo, IKEA, The Natural Step, The Clinton Global Climate Initiative...)
  • Thank you for sending your spellbinding and very atmospheric film. I was very moved by it.

    Kathryn Roszak – Dancer and Choreographer, Director of Danse Lumière, Berkeley
  • I find it absolutely marvelous… you’ve truly managed to make the poem come alive in images and sound, without disturbing the reader’s own interpretation. In fact, I find the film a truly worthy companion piece to the original text. Fantastic!

    Björn Wahlberg – Author, Editor, Translator and Publisher, Stockholm
  • The film looks super beautiful! Glad to know I contribute 0.0000000001% of your work 😉

    Hideshi Hamaguchi – Concept Creator & Innovation Designer, Oregon (designed the Wacom Cintiq 24HD Touch used in the film production)
  • Absolutely wonderful. Tight, well thought through, precise and generous and discrete at the same time. Amazing details and a lovely ambiance. A true pearl.

    Anita Bay Bundegaard & Christian Bundegaard – Director & UN Representative, Save The Children, Geneva / Author, Poet & Artist, Geneva
  • It’s a lovely, deeply moving film. I’m trying now to download it so as to keep it around for a while. Tranströmer is my favorite poet.

    Ted Kooser – Pulitzer Prize Poet, Poet Laureate of the United States (2004-2006), Garland, Nebraska
  • … And over it all, the meditative voice with its pauses and its resumings, its muted sorrow and its life-contents.  It’s a poem that lacks nothing.

    Helen Vendler – A. Kingsley Porter University Professor of Literature at Harvard, Cambridge
  • This is probably the longest yet most beautiful video poem I have reviewed so far… Invest the time; you won’t be sorry. It’s a work of art you will remember for a very long time. If you are someone who is involved in making video poetry, it is something to aspire to.

    Cheryl Gross – Illustrator, Painter, Writer, Motion Graphic Artist, Professor at Pratt Institute, New York, in Moving Poems Magazine
  • It was a masterpiece before, and now it is an even better masterpiece. I love it.

    Tommy Olofsson – Poet, Professor Institutionen för film och litteratur, Linnéuniversitetet, Sweden
  • The deep appreciation and love behind the new version of the film really shows. The images, the motion, these never get in the way of the poem – rather they seem guided by the motion of the poem itself. A deeply moving piece that subtly amplifies the poem while grounding it in details of the real world.

    Jeff Schwaner – Poet, Virginia
  • Great physical beauty here, to go with that voice.

    Robert Pinsky – Poet Laureate of the United States (1997-2000)
  • It is stunning. You managed to capture his words so beautifully in the images and music. Not replace or transmute them, but amplify them without changing their clarity or character. Amazing.

    Kevin Noone – Professor, Department of Applied Environmental Science Stockholm University
  • Lovely. I particularly like the jellyfish!

    Paul Muldoon – Pulitzer Prize Poet, Ireland & New York
  • In the hush of night I stop the film and repeat the fragments. It is wonderful that one can meet the kindred soul over the world, the time, the culture… The hand, the left hand of Tomas Tranströmer… I remember how my Grandfather wrote music by the left hand when he composed the choirs for us, his grandchildren – one of his last opus.

    Ekaterina Lebedenko Лебеденко Екатерина – Granddaughter of Composer Vissarion Shebalin
  • Thank you for a journey into human kind and nature kind ushered by the voice of Tomas Tranströmer.

    Pio Barone Lumago – Designer, Cultural Creative Entrepreneur, Ingarö
  • Really wonderful! Beautiful images and really fitting music. It’s more important than ever for “people” to be reminded of the beauty that is surrounding us, and we need to preserve that beauty…

    Pär Holmgren – Author, Uppsala
  • It is a lovely film, thank you from my heart! I will recommend and spread it!

    Anna Bornstein – Author, Östhammar
  • En underbar långdikt av Tomas Tranströmer och en finstämd och känslig gestaltning, läsning, tonsättning av den. Önskar att vi kunde få mer poesi presenterad på det här sättet.

    Mats Söderlund – Poet, Ordförande KLYS – Konstnärliga och Litterära Yrkesutövares Samarbetsnämnd, Stockholm
  • Absolutely stunning. I’m excited to share it with poet-friends and students. Your film is sure to win the accolades it richly deserves.

    Elizabeth Robbins – Associate Professor, Flagler College, Florida
  • Vilken fantastisk film ni har gjort! Jag väntade med att se den till natten. När julstöket tagit paus. När det blivit mörkt, tyst och stilla ute och inne. När hjärnan varvat ner och släppt taget om alla göranden och måsten. Det blev nästan som en magisk avslutning av dagen. Jag borde störtat i säng när filmen var slut, men blev bara sittande.

    Ingemar Ahlström – Author, Lecturer, Expert on the Swedish “allemansrätten", Sollentuna
  • En helt underbar film!

    Lars Bylund – Artist, Carpenter, Builder, Köja
  • The film is…transformative.

    Kathryn Grinberg – Teacher, Photographer, Cabin John, MD
  • The film is beautiful! … a wonderful job and the poem is glorious.

    Elizabeth Frank – Professor of Modern Languages and Literature, Bard College, New York
  • The old one was good – this is superb. So much more complex, organic … I’m very moved.

    Erik Bergqvist – Poet, Musician, Essayist, Sweden
  • What a masterpiece Östersjöar was and now is again. You showed that a poem can work on TV and now – brighter, more colorful – on the web. Thank you for sharing it with us. We watched the old cassette again this week and the web – twice. And what a reminder of TT:s greatness. We are fascinated by your thoughts on allemansrätten och would love to share Östersjöar with as many as possible.

    Ewonne & Lennart Winblad – Journalists, Stockholm
  • It’s absolutely beautiful. The cinematography, the reading, the score, and most importantly the poem. I will have to watch it again several times to truly grasp it’s complexities, but it works just as a “wash” like the waves lapping on a beach. Comforting, cleansing.

    Sanford Markley – Songwriter, Musician, Artist, Maryland
  • I was deeply impressed. I thought you did a particularly good job of following the rhythm of Tomas’ reading, showing just those bits of text that he emphasized at various points.

    Bill Coyle – Poet, Boston
  • Impressive, emotional, listening to the poet’s voice, seeing the poem translated into and accompanied by images and music: a masterpiece of intermediality.


    Dr. Petra Broomans – Associate Professor/Senior lecturer, European Languages and Cultures / University of Groningen, Visiting professor Scandinavian Studies / Ghent University
  • What an unexpectedly marvelous Christmas gift, this exquisite film accompanying this deep and subtle poem, with the fine score and Tranströmer’s hand at the piano.

     Helen Vendler – A. Kingsley Porter University Professor of Poetry and Literature at Harvard, Cambridge
  • Rekommenderas varmt!
    Klas Sandell – Professor, Inst. för Geografi, Medier och Kommunikation, Karlstads universitet
  • Thanks for that beautiful film to go with the Tranströmer poem!

    Lars Trägårdh – Historian, Author, Stockholm
  • Beautiful film! Well done!

    Rebekka Karijord – Artist, Norway
  • The film looks great. I love hearing his voice read his poem. So masterful—profound. Your film moves me very much.

    Beau Friedlander – Writer & Media Consultant, Brooklyn
  • How happy you made me with this beautiful “Östersjöar.” Thank you!

    Lill Lindfors – Artist, Öland
  • This is a real masterpiece…ett mästerverk, hatten av för Jim, Eva och alla andra inblandade, exempelvis Tranströmer!!!!

    Göran Gennvi – Founder and CEO, Naturakademin, Sickla
  • Östersjöar är helt sagolikt bra! Jag förstår inte hur ni lyckats fånga orden på bild så fantastiskt! Vilket jobb, och vilken lyhördhet för orden! Tack! för att ni gjort denna film! Budskapen värdefulla och angelägna i tiden vi lever i!

    Jonas Roupé – Strategist & Designer of Sustainable Business Models, Stockholm

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